Information we wish we had before moving to Oahu, Hawaii.

As a veteran, I have first hand experience on how stressful moving can be, especially to Oahu, Hawaii, which is why I have compiled a list of informational PDFs, links, blogs, etc. to help your move less stressful and more of enjoyable.

List of Private Schools in Hawaii

Honolulu Magazine has published "2023 Private School Guide" where they listed all the private schools in Hawaii.

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How Did Hawaii's Public Schools Rank in 2018–2019?

For 17 years, HONOLULU Magazine has been publishing a chart that ranks Hawai‘i’s public schools using official data from the DOE.  Click the link below for the full blog.

PCS'ing with Pets

Moving to Hawaii with your pets don't have to be complicated.  Most bases with a veterinary office will have a streamlined process with checklist you can follow.  However, if you don't have an inhouse expert, then you can visit the two sites below to help you through the process.

Military Bases Oahu

Temporary lodgin for bases around Oahu, HI

Below you can find the contact information for various lodging on each base.  You can also visit for Oahu specific base guides.