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We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service with highest honesty and profesionalism.  We are able to achieve this through our consultations where we get to know you on a personal level, make sure we are a good fit, learn about your goals and needs before we start searching for homes.

Home searching

We use a strategic and deliberate method to narrow down our searches while ensuring we don't "miss out" on a home.  Regardless of if you are on Oahu or not, we are able to provide the same level of service through the usage of modern devices and technology.

Offer & Escrow

We have a streamlined process when it comes to submitting your offer making it very competitive and increasing the chances of your offer getting accepted.  With the help of an in-house Transaction Manager we ensure timely review of documents ensuring we close on time.


We ensure a smooth closing process for both local and out of state closing by coordinating with all parties involved.  Although closing marks the end of the purchase process, it is just the beginning of a great relationship for us!  We will continue to serve as your real estate advisor and go-to resource for all aspects of real estate.

About Daniel Lee Kim

We highly recommend Daniel if you are looking for a Realtor who goes above and beyond. I promise he will exceed any and all expectations you have whether you are on island or thousand of miles away.

Pablo J.

With his help, I not only found an incredible home but also negotiated a new roof and an astounding $23,000 in seller concessions. Daniel is, without a doubt, a realtor who goes above and beyond to ensure his clients' satisfaction.

Kristie H.

One of the most impressive aspects of working with Daniel was his thoroughness and attention to detail during the due diligence process. He left no stone unturned, meticulously examining every aspect of the property. This thorough approach gave us peace of mind, knowing that we were making a well-informed decision.

Winnie K.

Daniel has my utmost recommendation to anyone searching for a confident, trustworthy, and capable realtor. It was an absolute pleasure working with him. I didn't know the selling process could be so easy and a majority of that credit goes to Daniel and his company.

Xavier M.

Daniel was able to find many options that fit our wants/needs and budget, and provided timely video chat tours and detailed texts/emails for our hunt. Ultimately, we found our ideal home and Daniel managed to get our offer accepted before other offers could even be submitted at $10,000 less than appraisal value, giving us immediate extra equity. His attention to detail and efficient management of inspection scheduling led to general home inspection, roof inspection, PV inspection, Sewer scoping, window estimates, electrical estimate, and ac inspection being completed all within 12 days resulting in $25,000 of seller's credit.

Connor E.

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